Decorate your shared bedroom and maximize the space, read more to know how

Shared bedrooms can be messy and unorganized, especially if the ones who are the bedroom are siblings. The shared bedroom is the area of their needs and various activities, and since there are two individuals who are sharing the space, there could be a clash on the kind of décor that the bedroom will have.

Shared bedroom décor is usually the issue, since it means its twice the effort and twice the necessities, plus it means that you are trying to combine two personalities and tastes. The process, however, is not as daunting and not as stressful as one may believe as there are helpful advices and tips that you can follow in order to conquer the design and creative challenges of a shared bedroom. Here are some of them:

1.) Boy and Girl shared bedroom

Shared bedroom décor may be challenging if the roommates are a boy and a girl, but if you have the right planning, then it could be easy to do. The first thing that you need to execute is to choose the color palette to add to the main elements of the bedroom, this includes the walls, the rugs, the furniture, the ceiling and the other basic things that you would want to place in the bedroom. It is best if all of the basic necessities are gender neutral, and if they can already have decided on what they want, it is best to consult them before purchasing anything.

You can do color combinations such as grey and white, white and turquoise or you can mix colors that are primary as they work for both girls and boys. In order to complement the palette, you can use the complementary colors and the different patterns. If you chose a white and grey room, you can add yellow covers or accessories. You can also use patterns that are chevron, stripes or those with large shapes. If you want to add a furniture, you can purchase ones with lines that are clean enough and those that do not have a theme, it is even best to pair it with the nightstand or a lamp shade. After the initial decoration, you can add fun accessories that can match to their personalities. It is best to select a design that matches well for both genders.

2.) Shared bedroom for different ages

Shared bedroom décor for different ages can be a bit tricky. It is one thing to have two people with the same age share a bedroom, and its another story when the two people with different ages share a room. The first thing that you will need to consider is the furniture that will be used in the room. If a baby will stay in the room, there is a possibility that you will be in and out of the bedroom even in the middle of the night to tend to your infant. If this is the case, you need to place their beds in different corners with the baby’s crib being closer to the door so that it will be more accessible. It is also advised that you create a play area that both children can enjoy, cushions, floor mats and soft large items are perfect for a child’s bedroom area.

You also need to place the toys of your children in areas that they can’t easily reach because they may play with toys without you noticing and they may swallow items accidentally. You can also display their pictures and the pictures of your family to encourage them to love and appreciate the atmosphere of the entire house.

3.) Creating storage for two or more people

The most difficult task in redecorating a room is finding the space for the furniture and the things of the individuals who will stay in them, this is why it is best to be resourceful and use your creativity in order to use all the space in the room. It is important to select furniture that is needed in order to keep the bedroom feeling spacious and to allow ample space for playing and storage. If you have kids that are old enough, it is best to use bunk beds, you can also add bed storage that has rollaway drawings so that you can create more space and it can also hold items that are seasonal and those that are limited use. You can also purchase chests that have cushions as they can be used to sit on while your kids play.

You can also install door and wall knobs so that your kids can hang their things such as coats, scarves, hats and other accessories install of placing them inside the closet or drawers. This can help the bedroom look more organized.



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