DIY shed does not need to cost you a lot of money to make, there are inexpensive materials and modular construction that can help you build your dream shed. 

Sheds are built for different reasons, there are those who want to use it as their craft area, some may use it as their gaming room or TV room, others use it as their office space or extra room for their guests and there are those who use it as their personal space when they want to relax.

Most people assume that building a shed cost a lot of money and many people are afraid to go over their budget, but there are budget friendly DIY sheds that you can adopt and follow so that you can have your dream shed in your backyard.

There are shed plans that are available online and can be downloaded for free, thus saving you money since you will no longer need to purchase plans. There are different styles that you can choose from such as gambrel, gable and colonial and they can be used for tools area, storage area, and children’s play area.

There are also different sizes of sheds that are available for you to choose from.

  • Siding panels –  For DIY sheds, oriented boards are highly recommended to use for side panels because they are cheaper than plywood or solid wood. Side panels are structural so there is no need for you to add another layer to the siding.

  • Wood foundation – Most shed has a concrete foundation, but if you hire a professional contractor to pour the slab on concrete and your shed will cost you at least a thousand bucks.  A wood foundation has materials that will cost a lot less than concrete foundation and it is suitable for DIY sheds. 

It is also easy to construct even in areas that are difficult to access or those areas that have a slope.

  • Custom door – There are custom doors that may not have the same quality as that of a pre-hung door, but it is a lot cheaper and it can still give your door that custom and expensive feel.

A pre-hung door could cost you a thousand dollars while a custom door can cost you at least half of it.

Another cost-cutting tip that you can apply when it comes to your shed door is that you can install it yourself instead of having someone else install it for you.

  • Arch-top windows – Arch-top kind of windows are expensive, even those that do not have the same functions as that of an arch-top window is still expensive as it could cost up to $400 each.

But you can make changes with your window’s materials so that you won’t have to spend too much money on just the window alone.

There are windows that are way cheaper as they cost about $60 each and they can be attached and built easily using materials that you can find at any lumberyard or home center.

  • Composite trim – Composite trims are highly recommended for sheds as it is cheaper, and it can be built easily. Most composite trims are made out of solid wood that is expensive, that is why a change in material is needed so that you can save up to $160.

Another benefit of using a trim is that they are already painted so you won’t have to paint them yourself which can save you money on paint and labor.

  • Accessories – Once your shed is built and the foundations are sturdy, you can start designing the inside of your thread.

In this step, you don’t need to hire someone to install the accessories of your shed for you, you can actually install them yourself.

If you can install the accessories yourself, it will cost you a lot of labor as you don’t need to pay someone else to do the work for you.

You shed will need shelves, vents, cabinets and other accessories that you may need depending on what you will convert your shed into.


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