chandelier classic

We always want that our home interior looks attractive and striking and we can make it possible by investing in a fantastic lightening piece.

A beautiful chandelier can add brightness to any space and can make it look more amazing than ever before.

But, this is only possible if you choose the right piece of chandelier for your area.

Here the question arises- how would you come to know which piece of a chandelier is right for your living space? 

Below, few tips are given which can help you to choose the perfect chandelier for your home that can make your place shine.

crystal chandelier for dinning room

  • Chandelier you choose for the dining room must be around 14 inches narrower than the surface of your dining table.
  • Your chandelier must have at least 5 feet of distance from the walls of the room. Make sure that chandelier have enough space to float.
  • For the selection of the right piece of a chandelier, add the width and length of your room and convert it into inches.

Let take an example, if your room length is 14 feet and width is 16 feet that you must consider 28 inches chandelier design for the room.

Note: There is no hard and fast rule to choose the best chandelier for your home décor as it all depends on your taste.

Chandelier you choose can be charming, elegant, funky depending upon your choice.

There are many options available in the market out of which you can make your best selection.

But before that, you need to identify your room’s basic décor style. It can be modern, traditional or fusion and can also be minimalist, rustic or ornate.

It doesn’t matter that your chandelier is formal modern or casual, the way chandelier can capture the attention of your guest and other family members, no other light fixture can.

The unique design and elegant glow of classic chandelier can make the look of your room more appealing and attractive.

With changing time, demands of people are also getting changed. In the past, chandeliers were just considered only for the formal areas like a grand foyer, dining room, etc.

But, now you can hang them anywhere you want, it could be the bedroom, bathroom room or any other space.

All you need is to match the style of place with the chandelier. But the story does not end here.

After purchasing a beautiful chandelier, you also need to maintain it effectively to retain its beauty and attractiveness.

Below few tips are given that you can consider for maintaining the elegance of your chandelier but, before

  • Make sure that you clean your chandelier once in a year and always wash it by hand using lukewarm water.
  • For preventing the significant buildup of grime and dust, clean your chandelier with dry duster at least once in a week.
  • Do not spray any cleaning solution directly on your chandelier as it can cause corrosion and ruin the frame.
  • It is necessary to have a regular inspection of your chandelier to make sure that there is no loose wire or broken pieces as it can create hurdle in the functioning of your chandelier.
  • It is better to hire professional services for chandelier cleaning and maintenance of your chandelier.

Perfect piece of Chandelier can be a stunning accessory for your home decor. It will not only provide an excellent brightness to your room space but will also give an imperial touch to your room.



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