garage door color

Your garage door is a valuable feature of your home. Aside from your lawn, people always notice your garage.

When the time comes that your garage screams for a makeover, applying a new paint color is the easiest project you can embark on. However, it is not easy to choose a suitable color because making the wrong choice can affect the overall appearance of your home’s exterior. 

If you want to increase the curb appeal of your home, you need to be careful with choosing the style and color. The golden rule is to pick a color that will blend into the theme of your home. You can also have the color stand out, but never choose something that is too contrasting.

If you need a little guidance in making sure that you choose the right color for your garage door, heed these useful tips:

  1. Paint your garage door white if your home is painted in light browns, gray, tan, or beige. These are neutral colors that when combined with a white garage door can brighten your entire house. 
  2. Choose colors that match your home. If you do not want to draw that much attention to your garage, pick a color that matches the color of your house. Selecting the same color will make your house look bigger. 
  3. For houses painted in white, you can add some life and style to your garage door by picking a different color. The color you choose for your garage should showcase your personality. Whether you are into bright colors or minimalistic neutrals, adding a touch of your personality to your garage door will make a difference. 
  4. For a more sophisticated and classy look, choosing darker shades of blue, green, or black will create a statement. 
  5. For houses made of brick, painting your garage door white can give your home a traditional look. If you decide to paint your garage brown or tan, you will be able to achieve a unified and stylish look. 

Things to consider and avoid choosing a garage door color:

The process involved in choosing a garage door color can be daunting but with proper guidance, you will succeed in sprucing up your garage door. 

  1. Avoid matching the color of your front door with your garage door

Your front door is your home’s focal point. It is deemed as your statement area. If your front door is painted with a bold color, you should not choose the same color for your garage door. 

  1. Match garage doors to your house color. 

As mentioned earlier, choosing colors that match your house is a good idea. Aside from making your garage door blend with your home, your house will also look much bigger because of the illusion that matching colors will create. Consider painting the trim that surrounds your garage door to achieve a seamless look. 

  1. Choose mono-colored door if you want to retain your home’s curb appeal. 

As much as you want your garage door to be unique, choosing an unusual color or opting for two-toned color will take away the curb appeal of your home. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, you should go for neutrals when picking your color. 

  1. You should take the material of your home into consideration as this will also play an important role in choosing the perfect color for your garage door. 

Knowing the materials of your home will help you choose complementary colors. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, you can be sure that you will choose the right color by thinking about the materials.  If you want to play it safe, you can also match the garage door color to the color of your home’s trim work and the color of your windows. 

White as the most popular color

White can easily blend with any color schemes. Regardless of your home’s finishes, details and style, you can be sure that white will be able to work well for these elements. White has the ability to create a uniform appearance and overall crisp to your home. 

Your home is your largest asset. It is only imperative that you take essential factors into account when making renovation decisions. Choosing the right colors can impact the value of your house. Aside from repainting, you should also consider garage door repair Southlake service to make sure that your door is working perfectly. 



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