Its natural to want to make changes in your house or to renovate it after you have been living in the same house for years. The thing is that renovations are expensive, and it would cost you a lot of money that may be difficult for those who are in a tight budget. But there are ways on how to renovate your house on a low budget, and here are some of them:

1.) Use a stainless-steel finish on your appliances

By using a contact paper that is peel and stick with a stainless-steel finish, you can give your appliances a modern look without having to spend so much and without having to purchase new appliances. In fact, no one will be able to tell the difference as these finishes work perfectly on appliances

2.) You can install switchplate covers

These switchplates are covers on electrical outlets and light switches, the white cover will
cost you a buck at hardware stores and they are very easy to install that you can even do it yourself. Since white is the basic color of these switchplates, there is a chance that they will look worn out, especially if they have been installed for a long time. If you change these old ones to the new, it would make your house corners look better and livelier. You can also try patterned switchplates, the decorative ones and the stainless-steel ones.

3.) Change your hinges, knobs and handles

One of the inexpensive ways on how to renovate your house on a low budget, this
finishing touch can make a massive difference in your house. It is also very easy and quick
to install. You can even purchase a new hardware for all of the cabinets in your home.

4.) Change all of your lampshades

This is a small detail on how to renovate your house on a low budget, but it can make a
massive difference. If you change your lampshade, it can lighten up your room and it can
make the room livelier. This is because of the new materials of the lampshade and the bulb
in it.

5.) Check your light bulbs

The light emitting from your light bulbs can also make a huge difference. Yellow or red light
bulb undertone can give off a soft atmosphere and are perfect for hanging out zones like your living room. The bright light bulbs that have blue undertones are perfect in study zones like your room, home office or home library.

6.) Install new curtains or blinds

If you want to give your house a nicer and better aesthetic, then you can install a two-inch
wood blind instead of the usual one-inch vinyl blinds. They are also very sturdy, and they do not break easily, this is perfect for those who have pets or kids in the house.

7.) Rearrange your furniture

Renovating your house does not mean that you have to purchase new furniture just so that it will look new, all that you have to do is to rearrange some of them so that the flow is a lot better and your home will look spacious.

8.) Install doorway trim, crown moulding or baseboard trim

If you want your home to look upgraded, you will need to install moldings and trims,
especially those crown moldings that you see in hardware stores. The installation and the
purchase should of course depend on your budget, you can purchase the fancy one that has the wood trim, or you can go with the cheapest yet the classiest one. You can also add some color into it by painting it.

9.) Repaint your walls or change your wallpaper

One of the most basic ways to renovate your home is to apply a fresh paint coat on your
walls, you can also add a matte finish so that you will have a glossy finish. You can also
apply a new and fresh wallpaper, plus you can change the design if you want to.

10.) Paint your ceiling

You can use a neutral color on your walls and a loud, bold color on your ceiling. This is what you can do to give off a fresh feeling inside your house and it would look bolder and more stylish.


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