With technology on the rise as it helps in making the lives of people easier, there are many home automation that is done. Home automation does not need to be expensive and it does not need to cost you much, there are a lot of easy home automation DIY that you can apply to your own home. But before doing any changes in your house, you have to understand what home automation is and how it works.

Home automation is building an automation for your house and converting it to what we call a smart house. This involves being able to control the heating, the ventilation, the security, the air conditioning and your home appliances by using one device that covers them all.

Home automation confuses people who are not tech savvy, as there are many complex words and jargons that are used as well as devices that can be overwhelming for those who are not exposed to this kind of technology. But there is good news for those who want to step up their home automation game without being confused and overwhelmed as well as without having to spend so much money.

Here are some of the easy home automation DIY that you can do to your own home.


Raspberry Pi –

For those who are not familiar with this device, Raspberry Pi is a mini-computer that is found or is like the one that is inside your laptop, it has less power than most electronic devices, but it can perform the basic functions such as computing and electronics.

If you have Raspberry Pi at home, then you can use this to perform your easy home automation DIY project. This is perfect for those who want to build a security system for their home as it can help you keep an eye on your house and other properties while you are asleep. There are YouTube tutorials that you can watch so that you can set up the security system yourself.

Garage door opener that is hands-free 

As seen in movies and television shows, the hands-free garage door opener is usually installed, and it is one of the most common home automation systems, it is also often installed by professionals in order for it to take effect immediately. But what you don’t know is that you can do this home automation system yourself.

There is DIY solution to this that can be found on Hackster.io, it shows that a particle spark core is needed and is used to be the hub of the whole system or operation, you can also add commands. There are instructions and step-by-step guides with pictures that are provided on the site, once you are done you can use your voice so that you can open and close your garage door.


Temperature and humidity readings


There are devices in which you can now use your voice in order to command the reading of the temperature and the humidity in your house. Amazon smart home speakers are used for DIY projects and voice commands that also requires some hardware and software hacking and coding. Amazon Echo, as well as Alexa, can help you access the overall temperature and humidity of your house with a bit of change in the coding and raw data. There are download links with the Alex Skill Set that you can check online as it provides the complete instructions on how to convert the smart home devices to your liking.

Pool Controller 

For those who have swimming pools at home and would like to commit to a DIY that is more advanced then you can check on the controller guide for your pool that is available on Hackster.io. This will help you control the lights around your swimming pool, the pump and the heating. It will require you to have Raspberry Pi and Arduino boards in order to be able to control it, Windows 10 IoT Core software is also needed.


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