If you want to keep your house cozy but you are on a tight budget, then you can follow the tips on how to insulate your home without having to spend too much

When you have a house in an area that is affected by winter, adjustments can be tough. Not only is it a hassle to drive when ice and snow is all around, it also costs a lot of money just to keep your house warm. It requires electricity or gas just to keep your heater going, and we all know that winter lasts for months.

This is especially true for those who live in older homes and those who does not have a sturdy and strong insulation as it costs almost double just to keep the warm air going. The good thing is there are now ways to keep your house warm and stay within your budget. Here are the ways on how to insulate a house cheaply.

Seal all your doors

The first step on how to insulate a house cheaply is to check your house and inspect if there are any opening that could lead to the cold air to come in. Not only do you have to check the windows but you also need to check your doors because doors that are not fitted to their frames have gaps and it could be the reason why the warm air that is inside your house escapes. Not only are these gaps present at the sides of the door, but they are also at the bottom of the doors. If you can feel air passing through the gaps then it means that it does not fit perfectly to its frame and it needs to be fixed right away. You can purchase a draft excluder or most commonly known as an insulation tube, it can be installed at the bottom part of your door in order to keep the warm air inside your house. They can be bought at any hardware stores and they come in diffferent colors, designs and shapes.

Caulk all of your window

Another step on how to insulate a house cheaply is that you need to make sure that all of your windows are airtight, because even though they are closed, warm air can still escape from the gaps. If you can see any gaps then it means that your window was not installed properly or they have frames that are too big for them. It could also mean that your windows need fixing since they have been installed years ago and cracks and gaps were formed. If there are gaps or cracks then it is time to seal them up and break the caulk. All that you will need is a caulking gun which can be bought in any home improvement stores.

Window panes should be insulated

For those who have glass windows, you can purchase a window insulation film and you can tape it up because glass windows are not effective in keeping the warm air in. This is especially true if your windows are old as they may have cracks that you are not aware about. Window insulation films are transparent and they form as a barrier in order to prevent any heat from transferring and it can keep warm air from going out. This can be bough at any hardware store and it can be used yearly.

You can wrap your water tank

If you have a proper insulation for your water tank, then it can help you save on energy costs. This is especially true for those who have tank style heaters and if their heater is an older one because there is a possibility that it is worn down. What you can do is to purchase an insulation blanket that you can find at any hardware store or any home improvement store. This will help you save on energy costs as it can keep your hot water hot. If you are thinking of purchasing a new house or if you are thinking of moving, it is best to fully inspect the area and check if it is energy efficient and it can be insulated so that you can save on your energy bill.


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