garden layout ideas

Garden is a place that we should walk into to realize the beauty that surrounds us.  It would be more beautiful and attractive if its layout suits into its kind.

In any garden layout ideas that you’re thinking, here are three important things to look at.

  • The first thing to do is to plan your garden layout, which will help you save your time and money.
  • First, know your space. Many gardeners tend to plant too many crops that results to overcrowding. This will give you poor harvest because the plants will compete for the best nutrients as they grow bigger.
  • Second, know your plants and arrange it accordingly. Consider their fully grown size and their needs.
  • Third, know when to plant. In planting crops, consider the weather and make a schedule on when is the best time to plant each crop.
  • Fourth, anticipate what might go wrong. There are crops that can easily attract pest, so include flowering plants that attract beneficial insects.

Vegetable Garden

Vegetable garden

The most important thing that you consider in planning your vegetable garden is the type of crops. If you perfectly know your crops, it will result in a successful garden layout. Tender plants such as tomatoes, eggplants, basil, spinach, etc. need the best sunny spots in your garden.

This kind of plants is the first one that you should put in your plan. Roaming plants such as melon and squash need to be placed at the edge of your vegetable. This is to protect that other plants from the broad leaves attached to the vines of such plant. There are plants that need support for as they grow for they climb vertically. Make sure to place this kind of plants to an area where they won’t shade other vegetables.

What if you only have a small area for your vegetable garden? There’s no need to worry for here are some ideas that can help you in your small vegetable garden. Growing your crops in a small space can be perfectly done through Square Foot Gardening. You can make square foot garden into 2 by 4’s or 2 by 6’s. If you have climbing plants, you can use stake or cages to keep it from sprawling over the ground.

Another way, which is also applicable to a very small garden is to grow it in containers. You can recycle your plastic container purchase ceramic pots. Fill it with healthy soils and place it in a sunny location. You can have the containers painted with different colors or designs to make the garden more attractive.               

Herb Garden

Herb garden ideas

There are some who puts up a garden where they can get some herbal medicine from, so they grow herbs. This kind of garden is a happy place, make it a happier one by doing some herb garden layouts.

Here are some ideas that you may consider. If you want it to be simple but cool in the eyes, you can come up with a theme which includes the use of colors, plants, aroma, etc. In a specific area, you can place herbs that share specific color, or you can also play and have some blending with the colors.

This is what I call Basic Idea. Herbs can be arranged by size, color, and height to create geometric designs and shapes such as circle, square, or oval shape.  This is known as a formal herb garden. If you want a garden layout that is portable and will fit into small spaces, you can grow your herbs in containers. It can be moved as needed and can be arranged depending on preferences.

Flower Garden

The first thing that comes to my mind every time I hear the word – garden is flowers. Flowers look great everywhere regardless of the place, arrangements, etc. But why not plan a perfect layout to enhance its aesthetic in your garden. I am not an expert on gardening, but here some tips for beginners who want their first flower garden a success.

The first thing to consider is your space and the location. The layout of your garden will depend on how big is your area together with the total area of the flower beds. To start up, you can think out of the box and placed your beautiful flowers in a container.

Later on, you can level up from containers to placing your flower in a bigger area. Arrange your flowers by sizes, height, and colors that will surely attract everyone. Choose a sunny location with fertile soil that will give more vibrant to your colorful flowers.

It is important to choose the right type of flower to grow in your garden. Native flowers are most recommended for the beginners to start with. They are just as gorgeous as the exotic flower, yet they are inexpensive to maintain.  If you want your garden to have different looks each season, then Annual flowers are the most preferred one, for their cycle completes in one season and die in the same season.

This type of flower is best grown in bedding schemes where you can have a different flower bed in each season.   Annual flowers are available in a wide variety of colors. You can plant different flowers in the same bed, just make sure they bloom in the same season. Daises, spider flowers, verbena, and geraniums are some of the best choices for annual flowers.

flower garden

Let your flower garden be a beautiful proof that somehow there’s forever by having Perennial flowers. These are long-living plants that bloom with 3-4 weeks in each season. Make your garden look lively by having perennials that flower at a different season.  If you want some thrill in your garden, biennials are the best one.

They develop their leaves in the first season and wait for the next for it to bloom. They give you time before they shed their seeds and die. They are best planted together with the perennials but put them at the borders and hedges. Add some climbing vines such as morning glory and hyacinth bean to give your garden a different look.

Snowdrops, amaryllis, tulips are some of the stunning bulbous that will always stay with you for it flower in one season, remain dormant for a while, but will satisfy you again the next season.

Let’s talk about your budget!

You don’t need 6 digits for you to have a stunning garden. Here are some ideas that you can apply in your garden which will not cost you much.

  • If you have a big lawn, cut it into shapes like circle, square or rectangle in your preferred size. Put pebbles or stones around the trimmed lawn. This will cost you nothing. If you don’t have a lawn, you don’t have to spend money for you can have it around the perimeter or around the house.
  • Perennials and natives are the best buys to give you a gorgeous garden with a minimal cost.
  • If you decide to put your flowers in a container, it is best to recycle your used plastics. Painting and putting some designs in your recycled containers is optional. Whatever your preferences will do.
  • The beauty of flowers comes out in the sunlight, and it’s your choice to remain that beauty at night. Light up your garden with some series of light or outdoor fairy lights.

Garden Layouts don’t have to be expensive for it to be fancy. You are the creator of your garden and you have all the control. Know your wants, plan your deeds, and implement it well. Gardens are created to be beautiful, make one!



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