Kitchen cabinets are a part of your house that is often overlooked, however, they give the overall feel of your kitchen thus making sure that they stay brand new and clean is very important.

Most people think that kitchen cabinet renovation requires a lot of work and that it requires the help of a professional, but there are a lot of ways that you can do in order to keep your kitchen cabinet looking brand new.



Painting your kitchen cabinet is the most basic form of kitchen cabinet renovation. This is highly recommended for kitchen cabinets that looks tired but still has good bones.

You can mix up colors and match them, you can even change the colors of your lower cabinets and upper cabinets to add an aesthetic feel and richness.

Add lighting 

Another go-to kitchen cabinet renovation is adding lighting to the kitchen cabinets, it gives off a lively aura in the kitchen and it can make your whole kitchen glow.

You can try this by taping LED lights on top of your cabinets and you can also task LED lights under your cabinets. You can also dim it so that it could give you an evening mood or you can maximize the light to give your kitchen a vibrant glow.

kitchen preview

Remove the doors 

Removing the doors of your kitchen cabinet altogether can give your kitchen a cleaner and more modernized feel. It could also make your kitchen cabinet look lighter and it makes shelving things inside your kitchen cabinet easier as you no longer need to open and close it.

You can even put a twist to it as you can decorate your open kitchen cabinet however you want it by placing flower vases, figurines or by decking plates and bowls in a unique manner.

Glass Door Inserts 

Studies show that changing your cabinet into glass inserts can reduce the risk of replacing them and you can save up to 20% of your budget in having them replaced.

It can also be done by you and you can choose from different clear glass options, from etched, fluted and colored to crackled or patterned glass.

Roll Out Shelving 

This is recommended for those with kitchen cabinets that are custom made yet still want to make changes and renovate it.

Roll-out shelves for kitchen cabinets that are at the bottom make it easier for you to keep your pans, bowls, and other kitchen wear to store after washing. The most used material for roll-out shelves is bamboo as it is sturdy, and it is easy to install because you only need a drill or a screwdriver.

Chicken Wire 

kitchen cabinet renovation

This is recommended for those who want to give their kitchen a farmhouse feel and look. All that you will need are a couple of chicken wire and white chalk paint.

It can make space lighter and it can give your kitchen personality and the theme can make you feel at home. This kitchen cabinet renovation can put a smile on your face as soon as you walk in and it makes breakfast better because of its farmhouse feel.

Use the backside of your kitchen cabinet door

Unknown to most people, the backside of your kitchen cabinet door has a lot of space that you can use in order to keep bottles of spices and condiments.

You can install racks at the backside of your kitchen cabinet door so that the inside of your cabinet can be used for other things. Once you install racks at the backside of your kitchen cabinet door, you can now use your kitchen cabinet to its full potential and store bottles in them.


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