luxury basement interior

There are plenty of basement interior design ideas that you can try and apply to your basement especially if you are thinking of using the space effectively.

It does not matter if it is small basement design ideas or if it is for basements that take up an entire floor. You can go for luxurious basement designs or you can go with simple ones. There are different basement design layouts that you can search online and there are those basement layout ideas pictures that you can search too. You can even design your own basement floor plans.

The best way to go is to always maximize your efficiency, which means that you need to get the most of the room. You can create a functional storage for decorations that you seldom use or you can add a family room that is usable. These basement ideas offer numerous ways for you to expand your basement so that you and your family can use the space.

With these being said, here are 7 great ideas for basement interior designs

  1. ) Use neutral colorsneutral colors basement

Using bold and strong colors can catch the eye, but they can also make the room look and feel small and heavy. If you use bold and strong colors in your basement area, you may make your ceiling seem lower and it would feel like the walls are closing in.

It is best to rely on neutral colors like taupe, gray and white as they can make the place feel more expansive. It is best to use similar colors for furniture pieces that are bigger like sofas, shelves and tables. You can add character and color in your coverings and accessories like rugs, vases, curtains and throw pillows.

2.) Go with an open concept

open concept basement

If you have a basement that is small, then it is best to keep the area open by not adding walls. You can define spaces or zones by using decor and color so that your basement can have multiple purposes. You can use your basement as an area to relax while the other half can be a craft area where you can do all sorts of things and where you can work and do your hobbies.

3.) See the light

basement interior design

There are basement windows that are smaller than the other windows in your house, and that is because the space is partially or totally underground. Adding the right lights can make the room look and feel bigger, it can also make up for the lack of windows in the basement room. You can use table lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps. You can even hang mirrors to reflect the light in the room.

  1. ) Create storage solutions

Your basement has purpose aside from it being the general storage area.  You can incorporate cabinets, shelves and other storage units that go from the floor to the ceiling in order to ensure that you are getting the most out of your basement room.

You can purchase a furniture that is double duty like ottomans with hidden compartments or side tables that have drawers in them. You can use one end of your basement as a general storage by adding a floor to ceiling wall in that area and you can cover it in the same color as the walls surrounding it.

5.) Decide which layout will work best for you

basement interior

Once you know what your budget is and how you want to use the space, the next step that you need to do is to know the floor plan that will help you execute your plan. If you wish to create a guest room, then you can add a bathroom and it needs to undergo a precise plan. If you have a large basement space, then you can divide it into numerous smaller rooms that can serve different needs and things that you need, whatever they may be. If the area is small, then you can use it for different things, you just need proper planning.

6.) Get the insulation right

concrete walls

This is probably the most basic requirement if you want to turn your basement into a gorgeous bedroom or activity room. The insulation should be done right, because if it is done poorly then you will have a problem during the summer and the winter, and it will not be comfortable enough to stay in. Most of the basements have concrete walls, it is best to go with top-notch insulation even though it costs a bit much. You can add a few wooden panels since wood is a great insulator and it can keep the basement room cozy even during the winter.

7.) Decorate the staircase

spiral staircase

It is best to decorate the staircase since it can make you feel more at home and it could feel cozier and more comfortable walking down a decorated staircase leading to the basement. You can even have a spiral staircase constructed since they save more space then the usual one. You can even do something more fun like adding a pole or a slide.


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