Here are some of the best baby boy room ideas for small spaces that you can apply in your own home

Decorating a nursery space that is fit for a baby boy takes time and creativity, especially when the room space is limited, and it is the size of a suburban closet. But there are ways that you can apply so that each corner of the small space can be used to its full potential, plus you can apply any design that you want that will reflect your baby boy’s character.
Here are some of the best baby boy room ideas for small spaces that you can apply in your baby’s room.

1.) Use bright patterns

Patterned wallpapers that are bright can make a nautical splash in the room of your baby boy. It gives off a sense of wild energy and adventure and it continues with different artwork such as animal designs and space designs that can give the perfect atmosphere for your little explorer.

2.) You can use bold stripes

Another baby boy room ideas for small spaces is the use of bold stripes. These bold stripes give off a blend of sophistication and playfulness in your baby boy’s nursery, and it can be followed with blue and white color scheme. You can add a skirt for the crib of your baby with patterned curtains and rugs that can catch your attention and can add softness to your baby boy’s space. You can also add a chandelier and a grand flower since florals are a perfect match for everyone.

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3.) You can use wood finishes

One of the best baby boy room ideas for small spaces, wood finish can make your baby boy’s room contemporary without it looking cold. The wood finishes give off a warm feeling and the wood is weaved throughout the entire space in accessories and furniture. Adding a flag banner can give off triviality to your baby boy’s room as does the light fixture as it adds geometric aura above your baby boy’s crib.

4.) You can use other stripe colors

Stripes look good on walls of a nursery and it can add excitement to a room space especially when it is assigned to the ceiling. The baby boy’s room can be painted in bold orange stripes and they can be a contrast to the patterned blue rug of the floor. The furniture that is minimalistic allows the attention to be directed straight to the vivid patterns that are above and below.

5.) Use blue walls

It is not just because of the stereotype that boys should use blue as their color, but muted blue walls added with vibrant curtains and it gives off a happy and bright nursery. The natural brown accents in the lamp and the light fixture bring a worldly and sophisticated tone to the colorful room.

6.) Use textural theme

The nursery room of your baby boy can have a textural theme by adding mop like seat that captures the attention of the people at first glance. You can add fur covered stools, soft rugs and fluffy pillows to cushion the space or you can define the room with a clean and sleek minimalistic furniture.

7.) Add fairytale creatures

Fairytale creatures added with white curtains and blankets that are personalized can create an accent and a sophisticated atmosphere, you can also add a leather chair to add to that sophisticated atmosphere. You can make your baby boy’s crib a modern looking one with added classic canopy that will highlight the baby’s gender.

8.) Go Miniature

If you are looking for a crib that is traditional without any of the traditional bulk then it is best for you to go mini, there are mini cribs that you can purchase for your baby boy and it is best to use in a small space. These mini cribs look and feel like the real traditional crib, but they are all scaled down to their frames and they have flexible features that makes them ideal for small rooms or nursery spaces. Mini cribs can also help you with your budget as they do not cost as much as traditional cribs

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9.) Skip the changing table

Babies need to have their diapers changed frequently but doing that business does not meant that you should sacrifice the space or half of their nursery. You need to skip the traditional changing table and purchase a better and more clever space saving alternative like the crib top changing station. These have portable changing trays that sit vertically across your baby’s crib and is secured with straps and rail hugging grooves. Once the changing of diapers is done, you can make the entire table disappear under the crib.


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