having a letterbox

A letterbox. What is it for?

The simplest (and most obvious) answer would be that it is meant for letters. However, since times have changed, so have the uses of a letterbox.

Having freestanding letterboxes – or any other letterbox design, at that – certainly comes in handy in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. They are no longer mere mail carriers, they are receptacles necessary to keep up with a busy lifestyle.

It’s such a steal.

Even when electronic mail is the norm these days, people still receive parcels and documents. Especially with the trend that has caught the world by storm – online shopping – packages, large and small, are being shipped to homes daily.

The online trend has seen so many deliveries being made. While you’re so happy that you’ve made such a good purchase, you’d be aghast to find out that your mail has been stolen because you were out when it was delivered.

That is why it makes good sense of having a letterbox installed in your home. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Safety and Security

Even as a lot of individuals have become online shopping experts, unfortunately, not everyone will have someone sitting and waiting at home to receive shipped items. This is why deliveries can just be left out in the open, or have to be deferred (sometimes for days) until after it is ascertained that someone will be there to receive them.

When you have a letterbox, you won’t have to worry about your packages being spirited away, getting your shipment late.  Aside from free standing letterboxes, there are also other designs that can fit not only an A4-sized document but also bigger bundles. There are brick-in, fence-mounted, post-mounted, and wall-mounted types that can carry packets safely.

At the same time, a letterbox does not only protect your mail from unscrupulous individuals. Your shipments are also protected from the harsh elements since they are kept inside a waterproof compartment.

There are letterboxes that are made from marine-grade steel for utmost protection from harsh weather and rust. This is especially helpful when you live near the ocean or in areas that make certain materials prone to rusting.

You can have peace of mind that even when you’re away, your deliveries are secure in your key-lockable letterbox.

2. Practicality and Convenience

Having a letterbox will also bring convenience in your daily life.

You won’t have to go looking for the morning paper wherever the newspaper boy may have thrown it. You just need to go where your letterbox is and retrieve your newspaper – all perfectly rolled up and dry – from the dedicated newspaper ring or slot.

You also don’t need to worry about waiting around for the delivery guy to come to your place. Any delivery that can fit your mail and parcel letterbox can be safely and securely stored in locked compartments until you get home. There are even multi-residence letterboxes that can efficiently sort deliveries per home unit.

These letterboxes are also easy to install. Most are easily fitted to timber, brick, or steel walls and fences – with fixings included.

3. Curb Appeal

Not only do letterboxes offer security and practicality, but they also add curb appeal to your home. These days, letterboxes come in different shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and finishes. You can have a stainless steel letterbox, one with pine timber panels, or one that has a powder-coated finish. There are freestanding letterboxes, brick-in mailboxes, and even multi-residence ones.

These letterboxes are not only durable, but they also add aesthetic flair and a unique personality to any property. You can choose from classic and traditional designs or go for modern ones. There are even letterboxes that have solar-powered LED numerals for that extra oomph!

More than just a letter holder

Letterboxes have certainly come a long way. From the traditional red-colored ones with a tiny flag sticking out, they have evolved into something that is so much more.

They are no longer mere letter holders or mail receptacles. They have become silent vanguards for your precious deliveries. They cut down unnecessary time and work when retrieving your packages. They are works of art that help beautify your home. In a nutshell, they are more than what they were initially designed to be.

Whether it’s a freestanding letterbox or a mounted one, a letterbox plays multiple roles meant to help you live an easier, safer and less complicated life.


Jay Flavell is the General Manager at Sandleford Holdings. He has been working in the DIY & Home Improvement industry since 2007 and has vast experience sourcing and developing products from overseas suppliers in the Far East. Jay has also been successful in dealing with a number of major DIY & Home Improvement retailers throughout his career.

Beau Flavell has been a Product & Account Manager for Sandleford Holdings since July 2017. He completed his VCE at Brighton Grammar School and also holds an A-Class Electrician License. Beau has been working on developing a new range of innovative letterboxes and currently lives in Melbourne, Australia.







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