Some areas of the home need organizing. It may seem like a difficult job since there are a lot of corners and a lot of spaces that you need to be clean. You may have wondered about the order that you should follow when it comes it organizing your home.

Should you start with your storage space? Your bedroom? Or your kitchen?

The trick here is to make a space where you can store things that you seldom use or things that you do not use anymore. This way, you can use the rest of the area in your house anyway that you want to.

Here are the home areas that need organizing.


The bathroom

Believe it or not, your bathroom is one of the home areas that need organizing too. It is where you place your personal belongings as well as hygiene essentials.

The countertop may be cluttered with bottles and your other things, so what you can do is to buy a plastic tub that has a handle on top.

You can place all of your hygiene essentials in the container such as lotion, hair spray, moisturizer and more, and you can then place it on the counter.

Whenever you need to use it, you can always take the plastic tub out, and you can put it back on the bathroom counter when you are done.

The next thing that you need to do is to organize your shower by placing your body wash, your soaps, conditioners, shampoos and more inside shower caddies.

These are available in department stores and other places that sell things that you can use in your bathroom.

There are those that you can hang from your shower head pipe, and there are also those have shelves attached to a pole so that you can place it in the corner.

The Closet

To have more space in your closet, you have to sort through your things and check the items that you can still use and the things that you can donate.

You also need to separate your clothes by season so that you can store those clothes that you won’t use yet and hang those that you are going to use. You can also categorize all of your clothes depending on how and where you use them, like for work or the gym.


Remove all of the hangers that you are not using, and you can also install a scarf rack for your scarves, ties, and belts.

These can be placed on the back door of your closet. As for your shoes, you can purchase a shoe rack and organize them by their styles, such as heels, flats, rubber shoes and more.

You can also install a hook on your closet wall so that you can hang your hats, totes, and handbags on them.



The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the home areas that need organizing. You can organize your kitchen by labeling the cabinets; you can store your plates, plastic containers, glasses, cups and utensils in different offices so that it will be easier for you to find them.

You can also organize your pantry by grouping your food, all the mix packets can be placed in plastic wear or basket, and you can set it on a shelf. You can purchase a rack where you can keep all of your spices.

As for your knives, you can also purchase a separate container for them. They can be placed on your kitchen counter so that it is accessible and easy to store.

The plastic bags that you get from your groceries can be stored at the side so that you can purchase a hood for them. A small rack can also be added so that you can organize your cookbooks and your other recipe items.

You can label a separate cabinet in your kitchen where you can store chips, biscuits, cookies and more. Or if you do not have a place to spare then you can purchase glass containers and keep your chips, crackers, and cookies in them.

The laundry room

The laundry room is probably one of the most ignored places in your house. Just because this is where all the dirty clothes go to get cleaned and not everyone in your household goes in, it does not mean that it does not need organizing.

You can use some of the space in your laundry room as an area where you can store your gloves, scarves, sunglasses, hats and other accessories that you do not use all year round.

The next thing that you will need to do is to place all of the cleaning essentials such as detergents, softeners, brushes and more into one container, not only will your container look good, it will also smell good since everything will be kept in one place.

If you have a pet, you can place their things inside the laundry room, such as their toys, collars, bowls and more.

You can even assign the laundry area as the place where your dog or cat can rest. You can maximize the space in your laundry area by drying your clothes in a vertical manner.

This is helpful to those who have a small laundry room yet those who clean often. You can also separate the clean clothes from the dirty clothes by purchasing two separate hampers.

The bedroom

The bedroom is one of the messiest rooms in the house, which is ironic since it is where we all rest and sleep so it should be as clean and as comfortable as it should be.

The first thing that you will need to do is to clean your wardrobe, you can get rid of all the clothes that you are no longer using and those that you do not use often.

Next is, you can fold sweaters, blankets, and towels that you will have more space in your closet for other things.

You can also organize the way that you hang your clothes, you can put all the pants in one area, and you can hang your clothes based on its color.

You can also use the shelves of your closet to store your accessories and you can use the back of your closet door to hang your bags.

You can also maximize the use of your bed by using the space under your bed to store some of your things, you can do this in your child’s bedroom so you can store their toys and books under their bed.

Picking the right nightstand is also essential in keeping your room organized.

You can use the drawers of the nightstand to store your accessories such as your watches and your earrings. You can place your framed pictures on the nightstand and you can also place the lamps on them.

The Entryway

If you have enough space in your entryway, you can build a small bench where you or your visitors can rest and sit while they are putting their shoes on or taking their shoes off.

You can also install a coat hook where you can place your coats and scarves so that they will be within arms reach when you go out of your house.

You can also install a floating shoe rack where you can place all of your shoes and slippers, they are ideal for those who do not have any space in their entryway. You can also install a key hook and you can even design it in any way that you want.


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