Home renovation does not always come with happy endings. Sometimes, you started doubting your decision of getting renovation wrong in the first place.

We are going to share some of the most disastrous stories of home renovation.

Most of the time we start daydreaming about our ideal home and did not realize that they are entering the most nightmarish phase of their life.

Today, we are giving three home renovation disasters examples that have become a nightmare for the owners.


Where is the cat?

We all love pets and we have them with us all the time. However, sometimes it is not safe for them to be with us.

The story is shared by Angela Misri. She stated when her home was getting renovated, one she notices her dear Darwin was missing. She searched everywhere for him but there was no sign of him. Her husband Jason and Angela contacted the contractor and talk about the situation.

And the contractor describes he did listen some mewing coming from the wall while he was tiling the washroom. According to him, the cat may be sneaked in while the contractors were sealing the wall.

However, the mystery got solved after two days when they found a hole leading to a subfloor.

Jason asked his wife is Darwin could fit in this small spot? And the highlight of all the story is that Darwin was actually there on the subfloor between the kitchen and basement ceilings.

One of the biggest home renovation disasters ever met.

The windows which offer mushrooms as well:

So it started when the owner of the house Alvin Naterpaul decided to have hurricane resistance windows in his living room. He spent a heavy $7000 to get all this done.

However, everything falls like shack of cards when the first tropical storm hits the area. His wife first notices a leak in the window and just after two days, there was a mushroom smiling on their face.

Alvin all puzzled when trying to find the root cause came to a heartbreaking revelation that the whole wall needs to be replaced due to the leakage in the window. So Alvin has to invest an extra $850 to replace all the wall and the window as well.

Well, at least they learned to give the contract after complete investigation and satisfaction. So that you can avoid such kinds of home renovation disasters.

The renovation that took 9 months:

So the story begins when Paige Rushing got pregnant and the couple decides to get their master bedroom renovated. They both decided to get this done immediately and hire a contractor. Well, the couple was hoping to get all this done within three months.

However, their hopes turned in to a nightmare when the project turns a slow and drastic turn.

Now just imagine during all this period Paige has to use the other functional washroom upstairs for the nine months.

At last, she has to use the threat treatment to get the work done. She gave a 24-hour ultimatum to a plumber to fix everything and to finish the job. And surprisingly the plumber get the job done in next 19 hours. Well, according to Paige, it was a hell of a ride to remodel your home while pregnant.

In the end, we just want to add that remodeling or renovating the house is a big decision. So we should have to invest some time before investing our efforts and money in it.


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