Landscaping your front yard can be quite a challenge, here are the things that you need to know before you start your landscaping plans

Landscaping your front yard can be quite stressful and challenging, especially if you do not have the luxury of space to place everything that you want. Thankfully, there are different designs that are made for small front yards which are now available for anyone who wants to get their front yard glow up started.

Whether you are in a beach cottage, an urban area or between the busy streets, there is a landscaping design and solution that is available for you and is meant to charm up your home. Here are the ways on how to landscape a small front yard.

1.) Add a steppingstone path

If you want to have a front yard that has an inviting aura, then you can add steppingstones into your landscaping design and nestle them into mulch. You can also surround them with perennial flow beds and you can also add a destination at the end of the steppingstone path by placing a birdbath, a dwarf tree, a pair of chairs or anything that you think will make it look more lively and exciting.

2.) You can plant a mass of blooms

You can get the design of those cottages with front yards, as they have a limited area, yet they still manage to make something out of it. You can plant a row of different flowers such as roses, hydrangeas or any kind that you feel will make your front yard look more beautiful. This will charm anyone who sees it and it can also serve as a barrier from your front yard to the rest of the corner of your house. You can also add a fence to serve as support for your flowers.

3.) Create a patio

Another way on how to landscape a small front yard is by adding a patio. If you have a petite yard and you are looking for an easy solution in landscaping, it then you can add irregular stones and gravel as they require low maintenance. You can also add some planting beds or potted plants to add some green to your patio.

4.) Create a flower-lined path

You can emphasize the path of your front yard leading to your door by placing the rows with shrubs, roses and other growing plants. If there is any space left, you can fill it with gravel or grass.

5.) You can plant small trees

Another way on how to landscape a small front yard is by adding small trees. Dwarf trees are a gorgeous addition to a front yard as it provides a focal point and it also increases the sense of depth. One tree can be planted on each side of the path and the look can be scaled up or scaled down, depending on the size of your front yard.

6.) Place tall grasses

You can plant tall, lush grasses in the front of your fence to give off a protected feeling without blocking any light or the view. You can fill the area that is inside the fence line with a small tree, grass or perennial beds.

7.) For cottage garden

If you leave near the coast, you can add crushed shells or gravel in your front yard and you can also add beds of casual plants like sage, lavender and California poppy. Gravel looks a lot better in small front yards than on the large ones.

8.) Create a square of green

Adding a square of green in your front yard can keep the space vibrant and alive. You can plant it in layers by perennials, by height, by shrubs and by small trees as long as there is privacy left for the seating area that is beside the house.

9.) Stone walls

If you want to add a formal look on your front yard, you can add the classic stacked stone wall and you can also add the trimmed hedges. The structure of the stone wall and the trimmed hedges is enough for a small front yard.

10.) Planter boxes

If you live in the city, your planting area might be a lot closer to the curb. Because of this setup, you can use planter boxes that are made of steel and fill them with low maintenance plants like waving grass.


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