Every Christmas we see Christmas lights all around us, from houses to offices, from restaurants to schools, everywhere you go there are shining lights everywhere.

You may even decorate your tree and your home with Christmas lights, it may be easy to install but once the holidays are over you will need to keep them away again.

The problem with this is that most of us do not know how to store Christmas lights, so when the next holiday begins, and you need to unbox those lights to put them up again, you will see them all tangled up and messy.

This could be very frustrating it would take time to untangle them and check if each bulb works and worst-case scenario, it could cause electrical errors that could be the start of an accident.

In order to prevent any of these from happening, here are tips on how to store Christmas lights.

  • The first thing that you would need to check is if all of the bulbs on your Christmas lights are working. It would be useless to decorate your house using these Christmas lights if there are missing or non-working bulbs.
  • After checking on the bulbs, the next thing that you would need to do is to check if they are well-kept, clean and they are not submerged in anything as it could affect its overall light.
  • If you see any dirt on them you can simply wipe the bulbs before using the Christmas lights.

There are also instances wherein there will be moisture that is accumulated depending on where you placed your Christmas lights when you were not using them, so before using them again you will need to dry them.

Give your Christmas lights a couple of days to dry before you start using them again because it may damage it if you let electricity run through while it is still wet.

Storing your Christmas lights

Once your Christmas lights are clean, you can start gathering them up for storage.

Here are some ideas on how to store Christmas lights.

how to store Christmas lights

  • Cardboard storage – This is the easiest and most effective way of storing your Christmas lights without the risk of it getting tangled up.

All that you will need is a cardboard that measures 12 by 6 inches and the cardboard that you are going to use should be on the heavier side.

After cutting the cardboard, you can start wrapping the lights around it from one side to another so that it would be easier for you to unwrap it the next time that you are going to use it. You can wrap a tissue paper around it to protect it from dust and dirt.

  • Using a Pringles can – Another strategy that you can do is by using an empty and clean Pringles can. Use a pair of scissors and cut the top of the can in a vertical manner and cut a slit that is an inch long.

Once you are done, insert the end of the lights in the slit and slowly and gently wrap the Christmas lights around the Pringles can.

Place the lid back on the can and wrap a tissue paper around the can to prevent any dust and dirt from getting in. This is also recommended if you are thinking of placing the lights in a box together with your other stuff.

  • Using a hanger – Using a plastic hanger to store your Christmas lights is the most practical way of them all since all households have hangers, if you can find a hanger with hooks on them then it is the one that you should choose.

Tuck the end of the Christmas lights in one of the hooks of the hanger and slowly wrap the lights around the hanger and make sure that it is outside and not inside.

Once you are done, tuck the other end of the Christmas lights in the other hook and wrap tissue paper around it to prevent dust and dirt from getting in.


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