Whether if it is a home or an apartment, keeping a set of tools handy for emergency
purposes is very Important. However, you do not need everything that there is on the market.

There are some essential power tools that one must own to fix small things around the house. These tools are perfect for the DIYers too.

When you begin to manage a household, you realize a lot of effort is put into maintaining a functioning home. Getting a repair man even to fix a leaking tap is a hassle. Calling the repairman, explaining the problem over the phone and then wait for them to finally arrive and fix the tap which just needed to be tightened with a simple wrench takes up a lot of time for something so easy.

Most of the time we just don’t have the right tools for the job ergo we have to be dependent on skilled workers. Having the right tools to fix small problems around the house can make life easier. Having all the tools is not all that matters but having the right ones do.

Here is a list of some essential power tools that are a must to have in a household.

1. A Drill
A drill is one of the most important tools in any household. Putting up shelves, mirrors, family pictures on the well or fixing broken kitchen drawers it has a lot of uses. Many new drills can also act an electric screwdriver. Which can save a lot of time as compared to manually screwing. Cordless drills with built-in batteries are portable, and they provide ease of use. They are less powerful than their wired counterparts, so it’s a good idea to have a wired drill for tough jobs. A good drill with an adequate set of drill bits for varying surfaces can last a long time.

2. A Circular Saw
A circular saw can come in handy for cutting materials neatly. They are great for cutting planks of wood, so they are an essential power tool for woodworking. A good drill can even cut through masonry, tile and steel pieces making them the right tool for fixing metal or tin roofs. There is also a cordless variety in circular saws as well. This saw can also be used for demolition work.

3.Miter Saw
If you are someone who loves to DIY things, this will be your best friend. A mitre saw can make clean, precise cuts. You can improve your home to a certain extent just by a mitre saw, hammer and nails.

4. A Jigsaw
A jigsaw is a very versatile saw with high accuracy used for custom cuts in plywood or other thin materials. It can also be used for cutting into detailed curved lines. They are preferable over a hand saw for thin pieces of wood. Nowadays jigsaw’s come with various settings that allow the user to choose between speed and accuracy.

5. Adjustable Crescent Wrench
Having a whole set of wrenches is not important but keeping an adjustable one handy can make all the difference. Often many problems can be just solved with some tightening or loosening of nuts.

6. A Nailer
Hammering nails is a painstaking task that requires precision and sheer strength. A nailer makes it easier to put in nails by hand. They are fast and accurate and are a safe alternative to generic hammer which can accidentally hammer a finger as well. A specific type of nailer with contacts is called bump, which can hammer a lot of nails in succession.

6. A Reciprocating Saw
A reciprocating saw can get through pipes, pieces of metal and wood in no time. They are very fast and will cut easily through most metals, leather, rubber and wood. They are an indispensable tool for remodelling, plumbing or demolishing work.

7. Random Orbital Sander
They are a necessity for household sanding wood in hard to reach areas. They make the surface smooth very quickly and round any edges. They can also be used with metals, plaster or plastics. They can also be used to remove paints or any varnish on the surface

8. Pressure Washer
The operation of a pressure washer is simple it pours out a high-pressure jet of water. A pressure washer can be useful for cleaning of mud and dirt of the driveway or almost any surface. They can also be used for removing loose paint.

9.Cordless Screwdriver
A cordless screwdriver is a small but a very handy tool to own. You can easily store it In your kitchen drawer, and it is versatile and so easy to use that anyone in the family can get a hold of it. It is for tightening or loosening screws and can save up the frustration and the unnecessary hard work that is put into unscrewing from a traditional screwdriver. These are comparatively lightweight and easy to carry around.

10. Safety glasses
Working with power tools requires precaution and care. So proper safety measures should be taken cared of before using power tools. Safety goggles are an essential with proper gloves and boots specific to the job. Even for small repairing, safety must not be compromised upon.


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