Maintaining your yard does not require a lot of money, you can do so within your budget. Read more to know how.

Maintaining your yard requires a lot of hard work, and it also requires money to keep your yard looking new and alive. Once you have your yard all set up, you need to mow it and water it at least two to three times a week, depending on how big your yard is and what plants you have planted in it. But you do not have to go over your budget and to use a huge chunk of your time just to maintain the look of your yard. Here are some of the low maintenance ideas that you can diligently follow.

1.) Save Effort, Water and Money

For those who do not want to mow their lawns because of the amount of money that it requires and the kind of work that it requires then you can change your landscape design by following xeriscaping. This means that you are going to use plants like Autumn Joy sedum in order to save your energy, your money and water in maintaining your yard. There are articles online that will show you how to do xeriscaping.

2.) Irrigation System

You may want to install an automatic irrigation system. These are equipment that does the yard maintenance for you as they automatically water your yard depending on the time that you had set it to. You can install it yourself or you can have a professional install it for you. Either way, this is one of the low maintenance yard ideas that definitely work.

3.) Use clover as an alternative to grass

Instead of grass planted in your yard, you can plant clover seeds and include them in your lawn mix. Clover lawns are drought tolerant, it can save you money and it has less impact on the environment. They are also insect resistant, they compete with weeds and they also do not have to be mowed often which can save a huge amount of your time.

4.) Use moss as an alternative to grass

Mosses can be used as an alternative to grass as they are fuss-free plants and they can be placed in shady spots as these are the spots where grass doesn’t grow. The fact that it can grow in places that grass doesn’t, it means that they are a great alternative to grass.

5.) Use drought tolerant perennials

One of the best low maintenance ideas, this alternative can benefit you in a way that it can conserve water. Plants require water and they need to be watered at least daily, because of this it can be challenging for people who are always busy. This is the reason why drought tolerant perennials are the best alternative since they are low maintenance and do not require daily watering.

6.) Ground Covers

One of the best low maintenance ideas, ground covers are an incredible addition to a landscape as it reduces mowing time and watering needs. They are also effective in deer control as there are deer pests that snack on ground cover plants. This alternative can save you energy, time and money as these are all required to replace all the eaten plants. The deer-resistant ground covers have many fine qualities that can give you a lot of reasons to grow them.

7.) Rock Gardens

These rock gardens contain drought-tolerant plants that do not need much maintenance There are ways that you can build a rock garden, you can do it yourself or you can have a professional look at it.such as water and mowing. Aside from this idea, the rocks that are included in the landscaping does not requite any water nor any tending.

8.) Mulch

Mulch is also a great alternative to landscaping, it is malleable, portable and you can even make it your own. This is great for an easy and quick solution and it reduces the watering needs of your yard significantly. It can suppress weeds, so it can make your yard care easier.

These are some of the great alternatives that you can apply in your own yard, they require low maintenance but it can still give your yard the best look that it can have.


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