There are radiator cover ideas that you can do on your own, find out more below

Not all radiator cover looks stylish and good especially when you consider matching it with your furniture, and if you are not happy with how your radiator cover look the you can change it yourself. You can make a better and prettier cover for your radiator that can become an additional storage space and it can also side the unpleasant piece. The traditional materials are thick cardboard, MDF or any other kind of material that you like but you have to make sure that it is inflammable. You can add metal sheets as they are easy to use and handle, they are inflammable, they are durable, and they can make your cover energy-efficient. You can put a top on the radiator cover in order to make a small shelf that you can use for extra storage.

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Here are some of the radiator cover decorating ideas that you can apply in your own home.

1.) Mid-century style radiator cover with a drawer

This mid-century style radiator cover with a drawer will not only disguise your radiator but you can also covert it and make it as a part of your décor. This cover is not only gorgeous to look at, with its mix of stained wood and white lacquer surfaces, but it is also useful because of the extra drawer that you can use to store your things and accessories.

2.) Built in breakfast nook

One of the best radiator cover decorating ideas, the built-in breakfast nook can turn your radiator into a comfortable bench. You can add a cozy cover and add fluffy pillows so that you can turn it into an incredible lounging area. This idea can make breakfast feel more exciting and it looks incredibly good as a part of your home décor.

3.) Transparent radiator cover

Out of all the radiator cover decorating ideas, a transparent radiator cover is the simplest solution and the best one because it can fit any room in any part of your house. Your home radiator will not lose its efficiency, but it can fit your home interior better. This transparent radiator cover can have hooks on them so that you can use it to place your bags, hats, scarves and more.

4.) Radiator cover with built in cubbies

This décor is best for entryway radiators as this can help hide an ugly yellow radiator and it can also help you organize your home’s entryway. This kind of radiator cover has several built-in storage cubbies that you can use to store your slippers, shoes, sneakers and other foot wear. You can also use it to store other things that you normally just leave in your entryway.

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5.) Central heating radiator cover

If in any case you are not happy with the way that your radiator looks, then you can switch it up and make it modern-looking with wooden cover. It is the best solution to hide the radiator that you are not happy about.

6.) IKEA radiator makeover

This incredible and gorgeous practical radiator cover is made out of IKEA Slat Bed Base. This is the simplest and quickest way that you can hide the unpleasant radiator and you can even get yourself an additional table surface. You can even use the top of the slate bed base as an extra table where you can place your wine, alcoholic drinks or other home accessories.

7.) Bathroom radiator cover with storage

This cover for your bathroom radiator can be used essentially as it as a toiler paper storage and the displace space can make your bathroom’s décor more comfortable and inviting. Not only can it hold toilet paper rolls, but it can also serve as a storage for your soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, towels and more. If you want to cover your bathroom radiator and make it useful at the same time, this is the best way to go.

8.) Radiator cover with storage

This radiator cover can hide the big and utilitarian device more effectively and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The flat top can give you an extra storage or an extra display space for your pictures, figurines and more. You can use off the rack lumber and easy joinery to create this radiator cover.

9.) Simple radiator cover

This is best when you have kids in the house, you can protect your children from touching the radiator since it is hot, then you can cover it in the simplest way. You will need a Kreg Jig in order to cover the radiator, but it is doable. You can also add glass to the top of the cover to give off a nice touch.

10.) Kitchen window seat

This do it yourself kitchen window seat is perfect during the winter, especially when you have cats or children. It does not require you to paint your radiator anymore and it can provide warmth in the most practical way.


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