Romantic bedroom ideas for couples is not a new trend. The bedroom is the place where you rest, sleep and relax, but for couples, it is also a place for romance and you may way to add some beautiful and loving touches to your bedroom.

There are small bedroom ideas for couples that you can apply into your own space; you can also go with small bedroom ideas for couples on a budget, there are also fun bedroom ideas for couples, there are also romantic master bedroom ideas for couples who use their master bedroom in their house.

There are also romantic bedroom ideas for married couples and bedroom ideas for couples with a baby. Whether it is to surprise your partner, make the bedroom more romantic or to make the area better, there are romantic bedroom ideas that you can apply into your very own bedroom, and it will depend on what kind of couple you are.

Here are some bedroom ideas for couples:

They say there are four types of couples, and their bedroom will depend on which kind of couple you belong. The first one is what we call the “partner focused couple,” these types of couples are 100% dependent on each other. They are the types of a couple that do champagne and candlelit dinners.

romantic bedroom ideas

There is even a 75% chance that the men will purchase flowers for their women. Their bedroom can compromise of a chandelier light, but make sure to use low watt bulbs so that the view from the chandelier isn’t too harsh.

There can also be bedside candles to match the mood and the type of couple that they are, you can go with the scented ones like Jasmine and Ylang Ylang since they are both aphrodisiac scents and are both calming.

The bedding is also a vital part of the bedroom, make sure that you choose bedding that reflects both of your tastes and one that has even a small color of red since it symbolizes passion. Lastly, you can add a vase of fresh lilies. Lilies are classically beautiful and traditionally given as a symbol of love and devotion. They are preferred than roses as they complement a room more than roses does.

The second type of couple is the “socially involved couple.” These couples have a large group of acquaintances and friends, and they are often spotted at parties and events.

They tend to base their decisions and their plans off everyone else instead of each other. These couples go on double dates and group dates, and their age range usually goes from 25 to 34 years old.

If you are this kind of couple, you can decorate your bedroom by hanging collage frames all over your walls these are easy home DIY projects, and these can help you remember good memories. Our brain can remember bad memories easier than the good ones, so it is always good to keep a reminder of the good memories in your bedroom so that you have something that you can look at and smile too.

You can add letter cushions so that you can personalize your space with your initials. You can also add a lightbox so that you can add quotes and notes for each other, plus it looks more modern and chic inside the bedroom. You can also place a small box case inside your room so that you can lock your phones away when you and your partner is inside the bedroom; studies show that 22% of people experience conflicts with their partners because of an over-use of cellphones.

The third type of couple is the “conflict-ridden couple,” they are couples that take their emotions to the extreme. They are also called the “intense couple” for one minute they are all loved up and the next they are fighting non-stop for no apparent reason.

They either have tears or a night of passion, and it all depends on what happens to them during the day. If you are a part of this couple, it is best to add calming colors to your bedroom, and you can add grey since it is the most calming color and blue since it prevents nightmares.

You can hang luxurious curtains to give it off a hotel vibe, the best fabrics to use is velvet and silk. You can also add a carpet or a rug for an additional calming effect, you can put a wool carpet since it is soft and beautiful under your foot or you can add shag pile rugs since they are cozy, warm and they make waking up more relaxing.

You can also add a sound system in your bedroom to set up the mood, 55% of couples say that they play music in their bedroom to make their intimate moments more intimate and special.

The fourth and last type of couple is the “dramatic couple,” they are also called the “the emotive couple”.

These couples have their ups and downs, and they tend to focus on the negativity of their relationship to make their decisions. They usually go out somewhere that is fancy, and that is nice, and they could still be dramatic over the place or the reason why they went out in the first place.

If you are a part of this couple, you can add a canopy over your bed as it can make it look and feel cozy, relaxing and a snug den. You can also add fairy lights for that instant romantic feel, the low brightness of the fairy lights eases our eyes, which prepares use for rest.

You can add lots for cushions scattered, it increases the comfort and the texture, and the color will vary on your taste, but it is best to keep the same palette. You can even hype things up by holding a “date jar,” you can put different places and restaurants that you and your partner can go on a date. Let fate decide by choosing your date place and option for the night; studies show that couples who go on many dates have a 14% chance of splitting up.

What not to place in a bedroom:

  • The bedroom is a sanctuary for you and your partner, and it is a place where you can rest and be intimate.
  • The first thing that you should never do is putting bold and bright colors in your bedroom, it does not help with the serenity of the place, and it does not make it relaxing.
  • You should also not leave your walls bare, and you need to express your personality and the type of couple that you are and there is no better way than art. This could be a great conversation piece for you and your partner, and it can also help set up the mood every day.
  • You should also not keep your phone attached to your hand, and this is one of the reasons why most couples fight. Texting or going through your social media accounts while in the bedroom can kill the mood and that eventually leaves your partner to give you the cold shoulder, to prevent that you can place your phone on a bedside table or inside a small case.

You should also remember to keep things clean and tidy in your bedroom since it helps in setting up the mood for you as a couple. The vibe disappears if the room is not clean and tidy, and it also reflects on you and your partner. You also need to pay attention to the type of lighting that you have in your bedroom, if it is too bright then you are doing it wrong. The light in your bedroom should be sexy and calming, and you can go for dimmer headlights and lamps than the ones on your ceiling.



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