There are benefits of using a solar pool cover in your own swimming pool, and here are some of them.

If you have a swimming pool, you have probably research about pool covers and you may have come across solar pool covers through sites and advertisements.

Swimming pool owners recommend solar covers because they have more benefits and more value to pool owners. This solar pool covers benefits have advantages that not all pool owners are aware of and they are more than a bubble wrap to your backyard.

For those who have not come across the term yet, solar pool covers are a large sheet of pure plastic that looks similar to a bubble wrap and they are laid on top of your swimming pool.

They also come in variety as they have a lot of color, sizes, and thickness, and you can choose the one that works best for you.

With these being said, here are some of the solar pool covers benefits.

  • It heats your water

One of the solar pool covers benefits is that it can collect the UV rays of the sun to heat up the air inside the bubble of the cover, it then transfers the heat into the water of your pool.

The heat of your pool will depend on how much sunlight there is per day as well as the kind of color and shape of your solar cover.

But approximately it can raise the temperature of your pool up from 10 to 15 F. In order to it to work properly though, you need to make sure that the bubbles are faced down on the water.

  • It prevents evaporation

Uncovered swimming pools can also absorb heat, however, if the heat remains in the pool and it is entirely open, the water in the pool is prone to evaporation.

The water that evaporates in the pool depends on the temperature of the pool, the humidity and the overall air temperature.

The evaporated water can measure up to 1lb. When you place a solar cover on your swimming pool, it can create a shield or a barrier against the surrounding air which then stops the water in your pool from evaporating.

  • It blocks debris

If there is a plastic cover that is placed on the water’s surface then it can prevent leaves, grass, insects and other debris from falling directly into the pool’s water.

The plastic cover that is placed on top of your swimming pool surface can make the swimming pool cleanup process faster and easier because all that you will need to do is to remove the solar cover and dust it off.

  • It minimizes the replacement of pool water

Since covering your swimming pool with solar covers, it can prevent evaporation, thus leaving your swimming pool water in the same measurement throughout the summer or swimming season.

You just need to add less water to your swimming pool instead of adding a significant amount of water.

  • It reduces energy cost

Another amazing thing about using a solar cover is that you will no longer need a water heater because it can naturally heat up the water in your swimming pool.

Because of this effect, you can save a lot of energy and it then turns your swimming pool into an environmentally friendly one.

Heaters need the energy to run and it can cost you money because it goes straight into your electricity bill. When you use the solar power of your cover, there is no need for you to rely on electricity or gas anymore.

This is especially great for houses that receive a lot of sunlight.

  • It reduces chemical consumption

When the water in your swimming pool evaporates, a portion of the chemicals in your pool goes with it. The chemicals that evaporated should also be replaced along with the water so that the proper balance of the pool will be maintained.

The solar cover can stop the constant evaporation of water and that means that you can also stop the evaporation of the chemicals that are placed in your pool water. You can then reduce the chemical consumption of your pool by 60%



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