Most people think that it would cost them a lot of money to have a pool in their own home because it is expensive to maintain the cleanliness and the condition of your swimming pool, but what the do not know is that you can save money because you can clean your swimming pool.

Swimming pool cleaning will require a lot of work and attention since you need to monitor the pool’s chemical levels at least three to four times a week. But it is safer to use a swimming pool that is clean and well-kept especially if you have kids who use it.

Here are the steps for swimming pool cleaning that you can follow so that you can maintain the cleanliness of your pool yourself.

  • Brush and Skimswimming pool brushing

The first thing that you need to remember when it comes to swimming pool cleaning is that you have to prepare the right supplies. The most important one is the telescopic pole since most of the supplies will be attached to it.

Before using the pole though, you have to wipe it clean to make sure that it is free of any dirt that could make your pool dirty or contaminated. You will also need to secure a skimmer net and attach it to your telescopic pole. It is used to remove small debris and leaves from your pool. It should also be clean before you use it.

A pool brush is another supply that you need to have so that you can clean the ladders, the sides and the steps of your swimming pool. Before you use the brush, you have to wash it first and rinse it because it gets clogged with debris.

Once you are done preparing the supplies that you will need to clean your pool, then you can start. The first step is to use the leaf skimmer that helps in removing the debris that could contaminate your pool. This should be done daily, especially for those who have outdoor swimming pools.

Attach the leaf skimmer to the pole, and you can start catching the leaves and other debris using the net and throw the dirt to the side, so you can throw it in the trash afterward. After removing the visible debris, you can start cleaning your pool using the brush.

It is used to scrub the sides of your swimming pool, the ladders, and the stairs. This maintenance is done weekly, and you can attach the scrub to the pole and run over the areas and sides of the pool. It helps in getting rid of the dirt that has accumulated and the grime.

  • Use a pool vacuum

A pool vacuum is needed to clean the floor of your swimming pool. There are different types of vacuums, and they depend on the kind of pool that you have.

The most common and the most used one is the manual pool vacuum as it works just like the vacuum that you use on the floors of your house and the carpets. Once you have purchased it for your pool, you can then assemble it and follow the instructions that come with it.

The way that you vacuum your pool should be the same way as you clean your floors or your carpets. Just move it across the pool floor, and it will remove the larger debris and dirt on the pool floor. It is essential to do this at least once a week.

  • Manage the chemicals in your poolpool pH

There are Ph testers that you can purchase at your local supermarket, and you can use it to maintain the ph levels of your water. It is essential to do this at least three to four times a week so that you will be ensured that your pool is safe to use, and it won’t cause any skin irritation.

You should keep in mind that the ph level should only be between 7.2 to 7.6, if it is not within these ranges then you can use a ph increaser or a ph reducer. You should also check your pool filter and make sure to get rid of any debris that got stuck in there. You can also purchase sanitizing tablets for your pool to get rid of bacteria, germs and more.


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