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Your home needs proper attention and maintenance. With every changing season, you have a list of new maintenance tasks to accomplish. In this output, we will look at some of the musts to do the task we have to put in your summer home maintenance checklist. If you pay proper attention to these tasks, then you would be free to enjoy your summers relaxing.

Check the alarms and detectors:
You have to keep an eye on the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home. These things are placed to ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones. So you cannot afford negligence regarding any security appliances. This should be on no.1 in your summer home maintenance checklist.

Check the air conditioning:
How can survive without a proper air conditioning in summers? As it is the most significant
task in your summer home maintenance checklist. Check for the fans and ducts of the
system and also for the breakage and the leakage. So that you may be able to fix it before
the weather went extremely hot.
You either do all these tasks all by yourself or you may hire some professional service
providers to do the chore. The same is applied to the fans. Clean all the fans before using
them, in order to get rid of all the dust and litter.

Enjoy the summers:
Although summers cause an increase in our energy bills in one way but they do provide the
energy saving options in many other ways. In summers, all you need is to install clothesline and you can dry all your clothes without using the dryer. This could save a lot on your energy bill.

Clean your grill:
Summers is all about outdoor activities. So take out your grill and give it a deep cleaning to
use in summers. Whether you have a gas grill or charcoal grill, both need proper cleaning to work properly throughout the summers. Wash the exterior with water while for the interior use the scrubber and brushes. This is something you need to consider in your summer home maintenance checklist.

Inspect your porch:
Inspect the floor of your porch and then clean then with sweeping them first and then mopping them properly. If you feel the stubborn dirt on the floor you can also use brush or
scrubbers for that purpose.

Examine the deck:
Your deck is the place that is effective the most by the weather. So inspect your deck before the summers. Check for the sign of rotting and damage. Moreover, also check if there are any nail popping out from the deck, hammer them down. Check for the mites and the fungal attacks critically to avoid future disturbance.

Wash the windows properly:
Clean out all the dirt and dust on your windows but pressure wash. Clean the glass pane if

Check the leakages:
Leakage is the most annoying and problem causing issues in any house. So you have to avoid the minor little leakages. As a tiny drop of water may cause a major water waste. Check the faucets and the hoses to find out any leakage or damage that may cause leakage in the future.

Prepare for the dirt and mud:
Summers are all about dirt and mud. So you have to come up with a plan to stop all the dirt and the mud at your doorstep. Place two doormats instead of one to tackle the issue of dirt and mud. The exterior mat should be coarse while you may have the interior one much

Summertime is the part of the year where we plan most of the activities usually outside the
house. So if you are planning on to enjoy the summers in its full swing then you have to
accomplish the tasks in the summer home maintenance checklist mentioned above.

Happy summers to you.

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