If you are thinking of saving the environment while lowering your electricity bill at the same time, then you can follow the tips on how to use energy efficiently

As the years go by, more and more people are becoming aware of the harmful effects of way that we use electricity as well as the harmful effects of radiation in our environment. More and more people are campaigning on energy-saving initiatives that it even became global thanks to events like the Earth Hour. These types of events really opened the eyes of people when it comes to conserving energy and it also became the reason why more people are leaning towards helping the preservation of natural resources.

There are simple ways to use energy efficiently, and here are some of them.

1.) Start with your appliances

One of the ways to use energy efficiently is to unplug all of your appliances that are not being used and only plug them in when you are going to use them. This includes your TV, your computer, the microwave and even your washing machine. Most appliances have the standby mode feature, that means that it is still on and it is waiting to be used, since they are technically still on, they use energy even though you are not using them.

Another option is to purchase appliances that have good rating for energy consumption, they are placed on the label and if you see more stars then the better. Washing machines are also one of the appliances that cost money to purchase but it is energy efficient when used because they have use less water, power and detergent. There are also refrigerators that meet the MEPS standard and they are ones that are highly recommended. They use hydrocarbon like pentane and butane as the blowing sort of agent for the fridge’s insulation foam.

2.) Cooler and heaters

One of the ways to use energy efficiently is by insulating your ceiling or your roof as this can help your house to have a temperature that is pleasant during the winter and summer season. It can also help save you some money on your bills and it also pays on its own over a short period of time. You can also keep your house draught-proof by keeping all of your windows and doors sealed shut, you can also purchase window sealers or draught excluders.

For those who have chimneys, you can seal them by using a damper as it can help keep the warm air from escaping during the winter. You should also avoid the installation down-lights because they use a lot of electrical energy and they also penetrate the insulation and the ceiling that could cause heat loss.

CFLs are a great option for lighting. You also need to close your windows and doors when you are using your heater, or your air conditioner and you can also shade all of your windows during the summer they help keep all of the heat of the sun out and you can use it to keep all of the heat in when it is cold.

If there is an air conditioner in your house, it is better to turn it on before your house gets fully hot because it would take twice the work to cool your place down and that would cost you more in your bills. You can also install some ceiling fans as an alternative to air-conditioning or you can use them alternately to lower your electricity consumption.

3.) Conserve your water

Check for the WELS label or the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards on your products so that you will know its water efficiency level, the more stars there is, the better. This is important for dishwashers, showers, washing machines, urinals, toilets and other appliances that use water.

If you have a garden, you probably need to water it every day, instead of using fresh water or water that comes straight out of your faucet, you can use collected rainwater instead. You can contact your water authority or your local council so that you can install a rainwater tank.

You can also ask them about grey water tank, these are water that is recycled from your laundry tubs, showers and washing machines as they can still be used to water your garden. You can also purchase a shower head that is water-efficient as they are ideal to be used daily.


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