There are ways for you to save your energy at home and lower your electricity bill and to keep your movement within your budget.

Today’s economy may require you to do some energy saving ways to lower your electricity bill and so that you can live within your budget. What we don’t realize is that we do things in our house that unknowingly cause us money. It can go as simple as unplugging appliances that are not in use to switching your household functions into money-saving ones. In fact, this move does not require you to invest too much time or money, all that you need to do is to make sure that you are saving more money while wasting less energy.

Here are the top ten home energy saving tips that you can start doing.

1.) Turn your heaters and coolers off when you don’t need them

This is probably one of the most important tips in the top ten home energy saving tips list. Most people get used to the temperature in their own home that they forget that their heaters and coolers are all running from energy.

You can start lowering your electricity bill by making sure that you turn your heaters or your coolers off when you are not using them, like when you leave the room or when you leave your house. You can also turn them off when you go to sleep as the warm or cold air that your heater or cooler produces can last for hours after you turn your heaters or coolers off.

2.) Unplug or switch off appliances when you don’t need them

Another important tip from our top ten home energy saving tips list. We often forget to turn off appliances that we are not using, like the TV or the fan. Even we can save energy with AC if we lower down the temperature.

The problem with this habit is that the electricity keeps on running even though no one is using the appliance and also if no one is in the room. Start switching devices off when they are not needed to lower your electricity bill. Some machines need to be completely unplugged because they still cost you money even if they are turned off, you can search for the list of the devices that need to be unplugged online.

3.) Use a pressure cooker instead of an oven

When you cook meat, it usually takes time, and that means it takes a toll on your electricity bill. Although cookbooks instruct you to prepare your food in an oven, you can cook them in a pressure cooker instead as they are a better alternative. It takes half the time that it would need to prepare your food in an oven.

4.) Check the energy level of your product that you are going to buy

Check the label of the product or appliance that you are going to purchase, if it says that it is energy efficient then it means that you can save more in your electricity bill compared to a product or an appliance that does not have that label. The size of your device is also an important factor because a more critical tool means that it consumes more electricity.

5.) Wash your clothes at a lower temperature

You do not have to wash your clothes at a 40-degree temperature. You can lower it down to 30 degrees because it can save you at least a third of the usual electricity bill that you get when you wash your clothes.

6.) Change your light bulbs to LED’s and CFL’s

LED lights and CFL lights can help you save up to 80% of your electricity bill. Light bulbs are used around the house, and it is used more often than appliances, so it makes more than half of your electricity bill. If you use these energy-saving alternatives, then you can save a lot more on your bill.

7.) Use window shades

Instead of frequently using your heater and cooler, you can go all natural by using your window shades. If it is warm inside your house, you can open the window to let the fresh air inside. You can also open your window shades during the winter to allow the ray of sunshine inside.

8.) Do a full load

It will save you a lot in your electricity bill if you do a full load in your laundry, your dishwasher and when you iron your clothes instead of doing it per portion. It may take you some time to finish everything, but it is better than having to do it multiple times in a row.

9.) Boil the amount that you need

If you are going to boil water, just boil the amount that you need and do not fill the kettle all the way to the top. If the pot is full, it will take a lot longer for it to boil, thus keeping your electric stove running longer.

10.) Check on your kids

If you have kids in your house, it most likely that they will use as many appliances and electricity thus increasing your bill. If your children are asleep or away, you can turn the appliances off.


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