It is important to know where to place your furniture in your home as it sets the tone, check out the tips on how you can do it

If you have lived in your house for so long, you may have already grown accustomed to its look and how the furniture pieces are arranged, but that does not mean that you can shake things up and make it look like its newly renovated. You don’t even have to spend thousands of dollars just to make your house feel and look new, you can just arrange some furniture and get rid or those that you do not need anymore, in order to add more space into your home.

The usual issue of updating arranging furniture is that most people do not know where to put each of their furniture and how they can compliment each other when they are rearranged. You first have to consider the purpose of each furniture in each corner of your house, here are the tips on how you can arrange your furniture to make your home more spacious.

1.) Use a tape measure

The first thing that you will need to do when you want to arrange your furniture is to know the size of the space that you are going to use. You can use a tape measure for the accurate dimensions of the room that you are going to use. You can also measure your foot and then you can walk from heel to toe around the room. This is the easiest and the simplest way to measure the basic size. You can also check the dimensions of your hallways and your stairs as well as the door widths.

2.) Mix your furnishings with different sizes

Every furniture has a depth, width and height that you can measure. You can add interest in the visual of the room or any space by using a variety of objects or furniture with different styles and characteristics. If you want a serene scene in your room and if it will be used for rest and relaxation, then you can keep the volume of furnishing in that room similar. This means that the furniture should only be used for rest and relaxation.

3.) Create balance by using scaled pieces

In updating arranging furniture, it is best to create balance in the room by making sure that the size of the room and the size of the furniture pieces are the same, as that is considered as their scale. When they are balanced, it creates a more serene atmosphere and a harmonious one as it can utilize the different physical quality of depth, width and height throughout the room. If your furnishing is out of scale, it feels uncomfortable and not right.

4.) Form a relationship

Balance is when the relationship of the items in the room compliments each other and it can form a relaxing and pleasing atmosphere. It can either create an asymmetrical balance or a symmetrical balance. It will now depend on you on what you would want the balance to be, if you want to create an exciting atmosphere or a serene one.

5.) Use the perspective of an artist

In updating arranging furniture, you can use the perspective of an artist by looking at your room and the space like the way that painters do it and think of it as your work of art. You can even do the visual tricks that artists use in order to create the space and to form the appearance of depth. You can use triangulation, which means you can place two ends of the tables in each side of your sofa and adding a painting above your sofa. This will create the illusion that the corners are lower, and the apex view is above the midcenter of the painting.

6.) Create depth

Another trick that you can use is the creation of depth, which is considered as a two-dimensional medium. What you can do is you can stand at the threshold of the room, place a chair at a particular angle, in the foreground that is the closest to you. The table will provide a midground for you and the sofa with the wall will be the background. The window of the room will be the vanishing point.

7.) Create totality or a form

You have to keep in mind that all of the furniture arrangements have totality or form. If there is a large rectangular space in the room, you can fix it by dividing the form of the space into another form. If you have a long and narrow living space, then you can split it into two by creating areas of function. You can use one half of the sofa for the purpose of conversing while the other half is for the purpose of dining. The can help you take the use of rectangular rooms by dividing them into different squares and assign each of them a purpose.


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