When space is limited, arranging your furniture can be tricky. Below are ways on how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room

Most people think that when you have a small space, it is difficult to handle large furnishings. A large piece of furniture can make the room feel and look smaller than it really is, but if you position it properly, it could turn the room around and make it feel more anchored, inviting and even bigger than it really is.

As for sofas, arranging it in a tight space with other chairs can make the area feel full, with other furniture all over the place. But an incredible sectional can accommodate all the seating in one swoop and it can also make the room feel more gracious. It can define space, probe space for a nap and it can accommodate guests with enough seating for all.
Here are the ways on how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room.

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1.) Prepare

Before you rearrange your sofa, it is best to measure the furniture and the room where you are going to bring it in, in order to prevent the hassle of having to do it over and over. You can draw a plan of the room and you can include the width of the doorway, the clearance from the window ledges to the floor, the heater vents and the size and the location of your fireplace and any other feature that might be an influence where you can place the sofa, such as a TV that is wall-mounted. The accurate measurement of the space and the furniture can reduce the risk of having to find out in the middle of moving your sofa that it will block the doorway or that you will have to climb over it just to get to the window unless you turn the sofa in another direction.

2.) Measure the sectional

In ways on how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room, it is best to measure it from the outside of the right arm to the outside of the left arm or you can measure the outside edge of one or both ends if the sofa is armless. The depth of the sectional is the measurement that starts from the back of the short end of the arm to the front which is the end of a chaise longue or the end of the shortest sofa section. It depends on the configuration of the sectional. If the sectional sofa has a pullout bed, you can measure the width of the bed and the length of the bed from the end of it up to the back of the sectional. The easiest place to take the measurement is on the floor as all you’ll need to do is to line up the end of it with a heavy- duty tape measure with the end of the bed and the extended tape to the rear leg of the sectional or until the sectional is directly below the its back.

3.) Corner Placement

One of the ways on how to arrange a sectional sofa in a small room is to place it in a corner position as it gives you the most floor space since you do not have to allow any room for a walkway directly behind or even around the sectional. This is an ideal position for numerous small rooms. In order for you to be able to decide which corner you are going to place your sectional sofa in, you need to consider the focal point of the room like the picture window or the TV and allow enough space for a pullout bed in even the sectional has one. A vase with a floral arrangement, a plant or a sculpture can give a decorative touch to the corner that is behind the sectional sofa.

4.) Considerations

There are options that you can include in order to position the sectional sofa in the best way possible, and so that you can center it in front of a fireplace, a wall-mounted TV or an entertainment center. You can arrange the sectional in a way that there is room to walk behind the sofa and so that it is near enough for you to enjoy the warmth of the fire or have a comfortable TV-viewing. In case you have a small living room in your house and there is no entry, you may use the sectional sofa to define the space of the room. You can position the back of the sectional sofa next to the door of the room in order to create the effect of an entryway. You can also follow a convenient arrangement that can save space by using a pair of small storage ottomans on casters that are centered in front of the sectional sofa. These ottomans can serve as extra seats, they can also hold serving tray, guest beddings that can be conceals and rolled out of the way.


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