Here are some of the ways that you can follow to save electricity when air conditioning is a must

There are a lot of ways that you can keep your house cool and ventilated without using your air conditioner. But during the summer time when the heat is unbearable, you may need a bit of help from your home’s air conditioner to keep the air cool inside. If you are worried about your electricity bill, there are ways that you can follow in how to save electricity with ac.

1.) You can keep your AC in a low temperature at night

One of the ways on how to save electricity with ac is keeping the temperature low at night. When you are sleeping, you are not too conscious about the temperature in the room so there is no need for you to turn your AC in full temperature. You can use the timer of your AC so that it will automatically turn off in the middle of the night or you can also use the sleep mode of your AC if it has one.

2.) You can use a portable unit.

There are homes with centralized air conditioning, and usually when you turn the AC on the rest of the house is air conditioned, even the rooms or places that no one is in. You can use a portable unit to assign the air conditioning of the rooms so that you can only use the AC in the room that you are in, in this way you can save up to 50% in electricity bill.

3.) Close the vents

Since the basement is usually the coolest room in a house, you can close all of the vents in the lower part of your house. If you do this, the cool air will sink down in the basement and since the vents are closed, you will be forcing the air up and cooling it during the process of it going down.

4.) Check all of your ducts

Another way on how to save electricity with ac is to check all of the ducts that are in your home and those that run through the corners of your home and make sure that they are properly insulated because it can keep the air cool as it comes in. If the ducts are not properly placed then there is a possibility that you are not getting the maximum cool air that you should be getting from your air conditioner.

5.) Maintain your unit

There are basic maintenance that you can follow, such as checking your unit from time to time and get rid of the particles or things that could block the cold air from circulating around your house. These kind of particles can make it difficult for your AC to run to its full potential.

6.) Rearrange the things around your house

You can rearrange your furniture since there are those that are placed in the wrong area and they can obstruct the vents of your air conditioner and this means that instead of the cool air circulating, it could just be cooling the bottom side of your table or sofa, or the back of your chair. There are also plastic pieces that you can purchase that can help you redirect the air from the vents.

7.) You can try adjusting your AC to 78 degrees

78 degrees is the perfect temperature for your air conditioner and it is the perfect number that you can place in order for it reach its performance level. This temperature is enough to keep your house cool all day and it also does not cost too much on your electricity bill.

8.) Turn the lights off

If you turn the lights off and if you keep your curtains closed, it can reduce the heat inside your home. It can make your home cooler, especially if you are using your AC. You will no longer need to change the temperature or set it to a higher one if you dim the lights inside your house since the heat is reduced.

9.) You can use the fan

If the heat inside your house is still bearable, then you can use a supplemental fan instead of your air conditioner, you can even do this for at least a few hours, as it is enough to circulate the cool air around your house. Fans use less energy than air conditioners so they make a great backup idea.

10.) Check if anyone is home

And lastly, check if there are people in the room, if there aren’t then you can turn the AC off or you can leave it on to 85 degrees just to keep the cool air circulated so that the room will be ready once you get home. This temperature will not hurt your electricity bill as much as having the AC on full blast.


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