Having cracks in your driveway is unpleasant as it affects the overall appearance of your house. You can actually fix the cracks in your driveway yourself and here’s how.

If you have a concrete driveway, you may have noticed that there are cracks and small holes in them that is unpleasant to look at and you may have wondered how to repair large cracks in the concrete driveway.

Most people call professionals to fix this simple problem and it costs them a lot of money. If you are on a tight budget, then you don’t have to worry because you can actually repair the cracks yourself. The first thing that you need to know before you repair your driveway is the reason why there are cracks in your concrete driveway. The main reason is that of the constant weather changes and the season changes.

The changing from summer, winter, spring, and fall could cause the concrete on your driveway to expand and it also contracts, thus resulting in numerous cracks all over your driveway.

Another reason is that the roots of the trees around your house could be pressing on the concrete, wishing to grow. Cracks in your driveway can also be caused by vehicles that are too heavy and it could scrape the concrete surface of your driveway. But whatever the reason is behind the large cracks in your concrete driveway, there is only one solution that you can do on a warm day.

Find out below on how to repair large cracks in the concrete driveway.

What you will need:

  •  A hook knife or any tool that can be used for cleaning the debris out of the crack – A leaf blower or any kind of blower that has a compressor
  • A caulk that is used in concrete as they can be walked on or driven on. Slab caulk is highly recommended because it is stretchy, and it is the best one to be applied in this scenario
  • A backer rod which will be needed if the crack in your concrete driveway is about a half inch or at least deeper than a half inch. This has several thicknesses so the size that you should select is the one that is intended for the crack.
  • A screwdriver or any kind of metal tool that is narrow and blunt
  • A caulking gun for the caulk that you are going to use
  • A bucket of clean water
  • A brush that is made out of foam

The first thing that you will need to do is the clean out the area of your driveway and the crack in your concrete driveway by using the hook knife, you need to scrape the dirt in the crack and take out any debris, once you are done you can blow the area using the blower. The next step on how to repair large cracks in a concrete driveway is the insert and install the backer rod using your bare hands and let it run to its full length until it covers the crack.

You can then use your screwdriver to tuck and push the backer rod into the crack and tighten it.

Once you are done you can insert the prepared caulking inside the caulking gun and squeeze it until a bead comes out, apply it to the length of the crack on the concrete and make sure that you applied it evenly.

And lastly, you can smooth out the squeezed caulking in the cracks by using the foam brush that you have prepared, in fact, you can even use your finger. All that you will need to do is to dip your finger in the bucket of water and run it along the caulk so that you can smooth it out. Once you are done you need to give it a curing time, usually a few days or even a week and you have to make sure that it won’t be used during that time. As soon as it dries, you can use your concrete driveway and it will look brand new


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